Changing the Game of Automotive Bragging Rights

Changing the Game of Automotive Bragging Rights

Car enthusiasts tend to have their favorite vehicle manufacture just as one would loyally follow a favorite sports team. There is much competition among auto owners as to whose engine is bigger or better built, but it is tough to say with certainty which manufacture should claim the prize. After all, vehicles are designed and engineered according to a desired performance output, but the style, color, extras, and long-term ratings of quality are individualized elements. A car that is kept in pristine condition, has more local miles than long hauls, and had detailed engine maintenance done regularly will get better gas mileage than an minivan with an E4OD transmission that’s never seen the inside of an oil change shop or had a tune-up. A vehicle will perform according to how its treated. In the future, though, the rise of electric cars will be a game changer for the competition.

Moving Towards Sustainability

With all the hype about sustainability and green living, it would seem that some think internal combustion engines should be on the chopping block. Battery and electric powered cars have stormed the automotive scene and are drawing considerable attention from environmentalists. Fear of getting left behind might have spurned a change in attitude, because Ford announced it was developing a hybrid version of their best-selling F-150 pickup. Volvo had also claimed that by 2019 all new vehicles rolling of the line would be either electric or hybrid models. Several European countries are threatening to ban the sale of petroleum burning vehicles by the year 2040.

Deciding on a Winner

So the question must be asked, what will the new standard of performance be? Will the country look to the least impact on the environment, or will motorist continue to advocate that their car is the fastest or most consistent in performance? The debate will continue to rage, just as each year, the Superbowl generates a lot of trash talk. All that’s certain is that a whole new ballgame has opened up with the rise of electric vehicles.