5 benefits of Having roof rack over your Vehicle auto roof racks installation

Who does not appreciate extra storage space over the vehicle? Everyone does right. If one doesn’t get facilitated with the rack then there is no option apart from taking multiple rides for hauling cargo. This is indeed not the best option available as it will take a lot of your time. Gas prices are high, thus it will be hard on affordability. During that time, you will feel the essential need for rack over vehicles. Find any trustable service to do the installation process for you.  You will find several commercial companies which will offer their service and set you right on track for a long comfortable journey.

All you need to do is to get the auto roof racks installation from someone professional.  Always read reviews online or take suggestions from your friends or family.   Rack installation is not only recommended for cars but this option is ideal for any vehicle and will facilitate the same way. Whether you want rack installation for personal car or truck, just ensure to refer authorize trusted source. Don’t always go for the cheapest option as you may compromise with the quality. This article will highlight the benefits of roof rack installation mentioned below. There are numerous benefits of availing up the free space and five of them are listed in this article.

Auto roof racks installation provides storage

Vehicles with rack provide storage capacity for extra room. If you want to transform your roof into a trunk then the best option will be to widen the storage capacity by the process of auto roof racks installation.

Auto roof racks installation offers versatility

The other worth appreciating the part about roof rack is the versatility which it has to offer. One can go for the modification according to particular needs. Who does … Read More...

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6 Surprising Facts About HGVs and Haulage in the UK

On both the motorways and smaller roads of the country, you’ve doubtless had the experience of driving alongside HGVs. Some HGVs are branded from end to end in splashy graphics, while others are mysterious in their blank grey utility. (This is, in fact, an excellent way to occupy kids on long journeys – get them involved in a rousing game of ‘guess what the HGV is hauling’!) HGVs are so common on roads in the UK that we risk overlooking their presence. This does them a disservice, as these hard-working vehicles play a vital role in our economy and even our lifestyles. Here, The LGV Training Company put together some interesting HGV-related facts:

1) Virtually All UK Goods Travel Via Road

We start with a simply astonishing number. It’s the percentage of goods consumed in the UK that rely on road transport to reach their destination, and it sits at a nearly-unbelievable 98 per cent. Practically everything we buy, use, and consume comes to us via road transport. It’s almost inconceivable to think about the damage that would be done to the UK economy if that vital link were removed. Both finished goods and parts used to create products here in the UK come to us from foreign countries; this is one reason why Brexit is so worrying to the haulage industry.

2) HGV Operation Accounts for 100,000s of Jobs

Roughly 600,000 UK residents work as drivers (of HGVs and other vehicles) in the haulage industry. It’s an interesting community of professionals, and demographic figures reveal some potential improvements to be made. The haulage industry has a startling gender gap; only 1.2 per cent of HGV drivers are female. Although that employment number looks impressive, it falls short of the full needs of the industry. There’s an ongoing … Read More...

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Just How Frequently Should Your Oil Be Changed?

Your vehicle should have come with an owner’s manual. Garage Services in Reading advise that this is the first place you can look to get recommendations on how often the oil should be changed. This is a baseline number which proves a sound starting place. On the other hand, your individual driving habits can mean you need to get the vehicle oil changed either more frequently or perhaps even at longer intervals in between. The wear and tear on an engine is one of many other factors that go into this.

Check the Owner’s Manual Before You do Anything Else

The primary source for information about oil changes is either going to be your owner’s manual or the maintenance manual. If you do not currently have one, either consult your dealer, or just look online. The owner’s manual should tell you the specific engine oil recommendations appropriate for the specific year, engine, make, and model of your vehicle. Capacity, viscosity (or weight), and oil type are all just as crucial as the actual interval between oil changes, so make sure that you only use an oil that is compatible.

Today’s vehicle makers typically specify a variety of oil change intervals depending on whether or not there are ‘normal operating conditions’ versus ‘special operating conditions’, which also might be known as severe service conditions. Normal driving conditions typically refer to national averages of 11,500 miles every year, only light cargo and passengers, and a bit more motorway driving than city driving. Severe service is more about drivers who spend most of their time in traffic that is stop and go where they make short trips, or if they haul heavy loads. It might seem counter-intuitive, but motorway miles are actually better for an engine and its transmission.

Cars driven through …

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Why You Need Your Annual HGV Safety Inspections

white hgvIf you haven’t given much thought to the topic of HGV drivers, we’re here to enlighten you some more. HGV drivers depend on the expertise within this field so that they can not only keep themselves safe, but they can also ensure that countless other road users are 100% safe. And in most cases, it takes more than just their overall skill to keep everyone on the safe path; you’ll need to ensure that all HGVs are kept in perfect working conditions.

One of the key steps to achieving all of this is to ensure that safety inspections are carried out. Our article, put together by Easy As HGV, dives further into the HGV world.

Why Do You Need An Annual Safety Inspection?

Simply put, HGV’s are not only massive but they can be somewhat complicated at times. And since they’re state-of-the-art machines with endless moving parts and systems, you’ll need to ensure that they are all working in perfect harmony. If some issue should occur, this can result in several problems occurring with your vehicle. Even if you have a small problem, it can result in a loss of the braking system or even an inefficient supply of fuel going to the engine; and sometimes, various other things can suddenly all go wrong.

When it comes to your HGV inspection, they need to be inspected annually in order to ensure that they are 100% safe. And this inspection guarantees that your vehicle is suited to legally stay on the road. So, when an HGV passes its inspection, it is safe for yet another year. Most drivers who have been a part of the inspection process know how important and thorough the entire process is and we all know it is for the best reason.

What Gets Checked?

If …

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Changing the Game of Automotive Bragging Rights

Changing the Game of Automotive Bragging Rights

Car enthusiasts tend to have their favorite vehicle manufacture just as one would loyally follow a favorite sports team. There is much competition among auto owners as to whose engine is bigger or better built, but it is tough to say with certainty which manufacture should claim the prize. After all, vehicles are designed and engineered according to a desired performance output, but the style, color, extras, and long-term ratings of quality are individualized elements. A car that is kept in pristine condition, has more local miles than long hauls, and had detailed engine maintenance done regularly will get better gas mileage than an minivan with an E4OD transmission that’s never seen the inside of an oil change shop or had a tune-up. A vehicle will perform according to how its treated. In the future, though, the rise of electric cars will be a game changer for the competition.

Moving Towards Sustainability

With all the hype about sustainability and green living, it would seem that some think internal combustion engines should be on the chopping block. Battery and electric powered cars have stormed the automotive scene and are drawing considerable attention from environmentalists. Fear of getting left behind might have spurned a change in attitude, because Ford announced it was developing a hybrid version of their best-selling F-150 pickup. Volvo had also claimed that by 2019 all new vehicles rolling of the line would be either electric or hybrid models. Several European countries are threatening to ban the sale of petroleum burning vehicles by the year 2040.

Deciding on a Winner

So the question must be asked, what will the new standard of performance be? Will the country look to the least impact on the environment, or will motorist continue to advocate that … Read More...

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