Questions You Should Ask Your Mechanic After a Collision

After suffering the physical and emotional trauma of an auto collision, one of the last things you want to worry about is whether the auto mechanic will take good care of your vehicle. What many automobile owners want at this point is a reliable mechanic with expertise in the required workmanship. When all is said and done, if you’re like most auto owners, you just want to know that your car or truck will come back in excellent shape. Use the following

Do the mechanics have experience with your specific make and model of automobile?

Some vehicles are similar to others, but many others have unique configurations and quirks. Finding an auto collision repair fort worth mechanic that is familiar with your car or truck is especially important if you have a foreign automobile or a rare model. Of course, if you’ve made specialized modifications or improvements, you’ll want the confidence of knowing that mechanics are familiar with those changes.

Are mechanics certified to do the type of work you need?

There are several types of certifications auto mechanics can receive, such as the Automotive Service Excellence line, Verifacts Automotive and I-CAR certifications. There are three basic types of certifications, including engineering and mechanics, structural repairs, and automaker and professional certifications.

Does the dealership offer warranties for their auto body repair work?

A warranty for the work provides a lot of peace of mind, depending on how long the warranty extends and how much of the work is covered. Ask about warranties and get as much information as possible for full confidence in the work.

How long will mechanics need to complete the repairs?

After a major collision, it’s reasonable to expect that repairs will take up to a week or even more. If you’ve merely suffered a fender bender, the turn around time may be shorter. In many cases, mechanics may need to order special parts and take a step-by-step approach to correcting damages. You may also want to ask about rental car services for the interim.